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01.02.2019 — 01.02.2020
Concept development
Engineering, design
Programming (Python)
Installing Neural Networks
Math robots
Business model
Author, programmer:
Surikov Andrey
VegusMetron. Automated system for Instagram. PRO version.

Together with the company DSA/NN Technologies Limited (Data Science and Analytics, Neural Networks and Machine Learning)

a system for promoting user accounts in the INSTAGRAM network has been developed.

We have not only created robots that work every day using various mathematical algorithms, attracting users to work accounts, but also integrated Neural Network technologies for deep analytics and automatic, live communication.

Home page
The system offers users the ability to aggregate publications in one place and download them at a specified time (or publish manually).
Neural Networks concept
Robots, receiving user data (photo or comment), have the ability to transfer them to Neural Networks in order to generate a comment at the output that strictly correlates with what was received at the input. The picture and texts are split into tags, compared with an internal dictionary, and then a machine (trained, for example, on Shakespeare's dialogues) forms a small sentence.
Deep analytics
We collect (Neural Networks) a portrait of active users, as well as analyze a limited number of subscribers.
We completely control any activity.
We even look at which of the commenters is an active user, who is a subscriber, and who is not.
All robots work strictly within the allocated Instagram quotas. But under certain conditions, the account owner can choose presets, or specify their own conditions of activity.
Basic settings
The system, at the start, has basic mathematical settings. By specifying them, the robots take the data from here. If the Neural System is turned on, then part of the data (generation of texts, behavior) falls on it.
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