You, Mozart, God.
And you do not know it.
I know, I am.

Scope of work:
Concept development
Creative Copywriting
Photo and Video production
Business advice
Advertising moving and relocation services

The history of this work is a bit unusual, because it is aligned with the parallel project «Games of imagination» and a budget has been allocated it between the two projects.

Together with the customer, we have agreed on the idea that it’s lorries would be just a pianist with boxes as an allegory of the moving and relocation. This story we like to show that transportation may be the most sensitive.

So, the main character for the filming of the project, we take him from away «Games of imagination», where he dances with girl from the book. We think that he will play for her on the piano.

The production process
Report from the studio. Model posing on the background of chromakeying.
3D modeling
We model the scene in 3D, test angles. Render - CORONA.
The result is a great illustration (side wall trucks). Length - 7000px with the highest quality resolution.
How will life
Illustration by car (sketch)
Rear view (sketch)
Illustration has continued and the viewer as if watching the story from a different angle.
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