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Games of imagination

Author's project — Andrew Surikov.

Sidney Sheldon has consistently argued: "If I have described in the book of the Indonesian dish, it means that I ate it myself." Be confident in me, if I do something written - I mean it tasted. Yes, I will agree, is insane. Events are full of absurdities and experiences. But is this madness was not a beauty? So, ...

It is a personal creative project, which includes a variety of large-scale pans. All of them are united by one driven by the force expressed in the same sign, in one idea. The first is the project «COCO CHANEL. On the verge of reality. "

Ideas have strongly expressed belong to the higher value systems. It is human relationships, love, emotions, colors, smells, music and vivid images. This total immersion of the author in the thick of things, the passage of all the subtleties of the emotional games and, as a consequence, result in the form of books, videos, and advertising shootings. These are the moments of life and its meaning.

On the verge of reality.
Games of imagination
How to play the idea has always existed.
It has no beginning or end.
Initially, the foundation of the project was based on the idea of ​​spirits advertising and related articles found in the story.

To develop the scope of work, I have divided it into three main parts:

  • Advertising perfume and luxury goods;
  • Creation of a literary work;
  • Shooting the feature film;

Each of the dependent and inseparable from each other. Virtually all the support and feed off each other. Because this is one idea, one heart.

Part 1. Mariel.

Perfume. The first flower.

In this work I have tried to create a universal standard of women's perfumes, which would form the basis of a large series of works. shooting script, I took directly from the plot of the book: Mariel (Chanel) to get acquainted with Thibault and from that moment they are together until the end of the story. Understanding them of destiny comes at the ball (in honor of the exhibition of paintings by Claude Manet) in the house of Count Francois d'Orleans.

I spent shooting drew a sketch of the bottle.

After using the skills in 3d modeling, visualizing the final form of the bottle - a circle in a square (clear glass). Having developed its own technology to monitor multiple exposure beam in the studio recording, I made a few pictures (for example, the scene with the dance) and a central poster.

Ball finally brings the two young men. Evening atmosphere color communication awe, tenderness and dizzying views of fantasy under the strains of a waltz. But the search continues - here them together to find the next clue on the way to his father.

Some compare the design with Art Deco style. I would not be so categorical, but something in it is.

P.S. Locations in the gallery Alexander Shilov.

Part 2 as a favorite image.

Beautiful flowers as women, we donate them.

And this resulted in the popular image of the plot, where the flower took the key and rightful place.

These spirits, I timed the spring. Reflecting weeks, I went through a lot of options for bottle design. Inspired by nature's awakening from a dream, I found a suitable form - lily of the valley. No more beautiful and natural than the lily of the valley in the early spring.

Women love flowers, they are surrounded by flowers. They do like flowers.

In view, in my heart, in thought - flowers.

Flower bud filled with the most beautiful aroma. Gentle and warm. Concha, spirits resemble dew: in the early morning cool summer, when the first rays of the sun light is still not fallen to the ground water droplets.

Part 3 and 4.
Tango and Memory.

Perfume design project of the story about the dancing. Tango.

Presented only the concept of the project. Shooting is not carried out. As expected "Memory" spirits. The time when all this will be done, not specified.

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